By Watchdog reporter

It is always business unusual whenever the Kabaka of Buganda appears before his subjects, people are always jolly, the ill mannered become the well behaved, the indecent become the most decent.

But on Thursday it was totally a different story in Mengo Palace during the Kabaka’s 62 Birthday dinner when singer Cindy Sanyu did the unbelievable.

Can you imagine she totally lost it infront of the Kabaka when she decided to pull her usual club bangers and indecent dance moves?

Cindy made the first blunder when she and dancers stepped on stage while putting on  indecent street attires,then they started dancing while widening their legs wide open exposing their bare covered particulars to the king and her wife Sylvia Nagginda.

At this moment the gathering became a little bit irritated and exactly same time, the Kabaka’s sister appeared and went on stage to notify the king about him leaving the function. She went back and returned with soldier and the Kabaka, Nabagereka, Vice President Edward Sekandi plus Katikiro, Peter Mayiga were whisked away as security chased Cindy and her dancers.