By our reporter
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has warned people who misuse social media by sending threatening messages that the government will arrest them.

Museveni was on Monday speaking at the burial of Arua Municipality legislator Ibrahim Abiriga in Arua district of West Nile.
“All those people who have been sending threatening messages on social media, we shall come for you,” Mseveni said, adding he had already directed the minister of ICT to start tracking such people.
Museveni also warned radio stations and other media against promoting hatred.
“Why should we have a radio which is promoting hate? You tell the owners to stop but they don’t listen.
Why not close it?” he asked.
Abiriga was killed on Friday night by unknown gunmen in Wakiso district, about 11km from Kampala, while he was returning home.

Museveni’s comments came after government officials led by first deputy prime minister Moses Ali requested him to reign in on those who misuse social media.
“We have the capacity to hunt the killers. An assassin is like a needle in a stack of hay, it does not need many soldiers to look for an assassin. You need to get a metal detector. But also we need to control the propaganda,” the head of state added.
The president said there was, however, laxity on the side of police and intelligence agencies.
He used the opportunity to announce that the government would soon ban the use of hoodies by motorcycle riders.
He also said new helmets with reflector numbers would be introduced in a bid to identify suspected killers who have in the past used bikes to carry out deadly missions.