By Watchdog reporter

Presidents Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni will grace the inaugural memorial lecture in memory of the late former Internal Affairs Minister Gen Aronda Nyakairima.

It is almost a year since Gen Nyakairima died on September 12, 2015 in Dubai, aboard Emirates airlines.

Aronda, then serving as Internal Affairs was coming from an official trip in South Korea where he went to inspect personally a security system that would help him add features on Uganda’s identity card system he delivered as minister in the shortest time possible.

The mystery surrounding his death has never been resolved.

Aronda, the former chief of defence of forces, was said to have suffered a cardiac arrest. However, street talk has it that he was a victim of poisoning.

With a memorial lecture due on September 12th at Makerere University’s Main Hall, his life and public service will be discussed at large.

However, one question that remains unsettled is, who really killed Aronda? May be the question jumps the queue, and we should answer work towards satisfying his wife who said she was unsatisfied with the said cause of her husband’s death.

Aronda has turned around the immigration department and citizens were starting to receive their passports in record time.

He also delivered his signature project, the national identity card, which had eluded the country since independence.

The lecture, will surely, bring back these emotions, of a man whose death shocked the country for more than a week.

Nyakairima died aged 56 at a time the public was starting to reap from the fruits of his experience in the military.

Will Gen Aronda rest in peace before the riddle of his death is answered, or, he will keep haunting the nation, like the deaths of Ben Kiwanuka or Andrew Kayira.