By Watchdog reporter

God has a plan for Lawrence Ogwal, the Daily Monitor happy go lucky journalist. That is why he surely saved him that nasty accident that stole his co-travelers.
Ogwal, an entertainment journalist, was in the vehicle that was hired by Uganda Tourism Board to transport beauty queens and journalists to Mbarara where a regional pageant was going to take place.

The accident on Masaka road claimed the young lives of Norah Atim (Miss Tourism North), Resty Namawejje (Miss Tourism Buganda) and NTV journalist Resty Namawejje.

Ogwal survived the nasty accident with small scratches, and a year later, manages to narrate what went through his mind on the critical hour of that unfortunate day.

The most important highlight of his touching confession, is the part he says, “God has decided, it’s my time, let me accept and die”.

Here below he wrote:
“I am going to die at exactly 3:30pm, I have left my family, I am going to die young, I didn’t say Good bye to my friends, but yes, God has decided, it’s my time, let me accept and die” these were the words that were going through my head while the car was rolling into the swamp in Mpigi in a highway on Masaka Road.
After a few seconds, I got back up and all I was hearing was the car hooting loudly, many people came from nowhere standing next to the car and making loud unnecessary noise, I didn’t hear clearly but different voices in different tones said stuff like bafudde, omulala wuno, oli mumujjeyo, muyite ambulance, bla blah.
When I got out of the car, I only had a scratch on the back after all the hard hittings and changing positions in the car as it turned upside down again and again, it was funny but my new shoe’s left side was gone. I found two bodies, one was for Resty Namawejje from NTV, Miss Tourism Northern Norah Atim was carried by locals from the swamp where the car had fallen on her, and she was dead. Barbra Nakiwolo was unconscious and later died on her way to Hospital. Why am I writing this nonsense now?
Well, it is July 4, 2016 and it is exactly a year when this happened, I am still thanking God for life and Glad am here after a year ever since the dark clouds appeared. RIP to the three girls who died in the car accident.”