By Herbert Bukenya

In an exclusive interview recently dance hall star A Pass revealed the reason why he is rarely nominated and has hardly won any local awards since he last won his break out awards a few years ago.

He said, “I think I am too big for some of those awards that is why they never nominate me and I have hardly won any in a long time.” the ‘small’ and young artistes too need to be recognised so they can keep nominating and giving them those local awards as we the big boys look beyond them.

About the trending ‘who is who’ diss track, A Pass said he can not waste time singing about a fellow man whether praising them or dissing them insisting he will stick to singing about the fairer sex being the ladies.

He also added that unlike the youngstars seeking popularity through the diss songs, he is already too big and doesn’t need to seek any popularity any where thats why he can spend one and a half years minus releasing a video and when he releases one it tops the charts.