By Watchdog reporter

M.S Walia was like any other Indian manager, brought into Mehta Group, a conglomerate of companies run by Indians in Lugazi, Uganda to oversee their business interests.

Mehta Group owns among others Sugar Corporation of Uganda Lugazi a Sugar company as well as Cable Corporation.

It is the company policy that top managers are brought in from India as they do not trust Africans will keep their business secrets. Unfortunately for them, and what should have been fortunate for Uganda, one incorruptible Indian was brought into the country, but refused to carry out their illegal transactions. He was immediately sacked and repatriated back to India, with cruelty of the highest order.

Watchdog Uganda however managed to grab a copy of the letter he sent his colleagues and line staff before he was flown out of the country. The letter says a lot about the company’s dirty deals, and a racket of connivance with several Ugandan officers in various organizations to cheat the country. In the end, it looks Walia was fighting a losing battle, and only his conscience is good to remain blameless.

Below is the letter:

Dear All
First of all I thank you all for giving me and my family such a memorable time, staying at Lugazi. We never stayed in such a nice and warm community during our life time, so far.

I also feel sorry that I could not meet many of you before leaving as I was so stressed with all those sudden activities. Even after reaching India due to Psychological Trauma, I had high fever and treated immediately to avoid PTSD for 4days.

I would like to share sequel of incidents in brief to make all of you know the facts.

On 17th of Feb , when Hemnabh Katau returned after leave, I was called to his office and asked to resign immediately without assigning any reason. I resisted and asked time till 20th so I consult my son’s school Principal. But I was threatened to submit my resignation there itself, which I again declined. However Rajesh of Kampala office got scared and resigned. On same evening I was served the termination letter by him asking to leave Uganda by 23rd Feb. My dues were not paid, my all household items were there unsold ,My sons future at stake, my own future in dark, no compensation and breach of three years contract just after 8 months, foreign land without any immediate legal or police support and being threatened to leave country within 6 days was a horrible experience.

I tried to meet Mrs and Mr. Chairman but either they rejected or my requests for meeting were not even allowed to reach them (God knows).

• Left alone I tried to fight with all these but had to struggle more because I was asked to stop using office with effect from 17th itself, my mails were blocked and my phone was taken away.

• As all of you know neither I committed any crime/theft nor involved in any illegal activities and was living peacefully with my family, then was it fair to treat any employee like this?

• Due to this inhuman act by khatau, I lost huge money , reputation, my son lost one year of his schooling and I lost my trust and faith in this organization especially the leaders like Hemnabh Khatau.

• I recall a say “ Insecure leaders never develop people, they replace them”. Shouting loud, screaming at people in meetings was hemnabh’s normal practice and using one of his favourite phrase ” You are going home next flight”. People attending such meetings are well aware of it.

• But salute to certain friends in Lugazi and Kampala, who gave me all the moral strength and helped me to handle such a mental harrasment and humilation. One of such person is Mr.S.C.Sharma, who was equally hurt with this action and handled my situation very delicately and wisely .But however could not over rule certain instructions, which I fully understand and thanks him for his gesture.

At the end I once again thank all those people who helped me in this difficult time .