By Watchdog reporter

Recently president Yoweri Museveni had an interview with Aljazeera and they discussed many things which included the jailed Dr. Stella Nyanzi, succession, dictatorship among others.

On the issue of dictatorship, Al Jazeera asked Museveni how he guarantees that in future he will not go down as a dictator.

The president sarcastically responded that a dictator who has been elected five times with a big majority must be a wonderful and special dictator.

“A dictator who has been elected five times that must be a wonderful dictator, a special one, elected five times with this entire big majority,” Museveni said.

On the issue of jailed Makerere University research fellow Stella Nyanzi, Museveni said she was arrested because she was trampling on the rights of others by insulting them which is unacceptable.

“You cannot trample on the rights of others and say it is my right to abuse other people, to insult other people. NO,” He stated.

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