By Watchdog reporter
Isaac Matovu is a producer with Mengo based television BBS. Among the programs he produces include morning show Zukuuka, and sports programs Ekisaawe and Endiba.
So, how is the life of a busy television person like Matovu who produces three shows.
4.30am: My day starts at 4.30am. I wake up to organize myself.
5am: I leave for work at 5am.
5.45am: I arrive at BBS in Mengo at 5.45am.
6am: I run through the news of the previous night and morning newspaper. I ensure the team is well organized and prepared for the show.
7.30am: Zukuuka show. I distribute running orders. I ensure presenters follow the script and the technical team. As a producer, I am the bridge between the technical team and the presenters. I pay attention to details, more so, the scope of the programs. It is my duty to guide the on air talents and the technical people.

8am: Guests arrive for the show. We discuss the topic of the day, although I would have briefed them the previous day.
8.30am: The guest goes on air during the segment Ensonga segment hosted my Maurice Mukiibi. It is a topical discussion and follow up to the news stories that have made the headlines.
10.30am: We do a postmortem for the show with the entire Morning show team.
11.30am: Meet Ekisaawe sports show team which airs at 1pm to 2pm.
2-3pm: I go for my lunch.
3-5.30pm: We plan for the morning show, doing research and writing the prep of the show for the next day. We don’t leave until we have done all the required work.
11pm: I go to bed after watching news bulletins.