By our reporter

Namugongo neighbourhood keeps growing at a fast rate and better services are penetrating the area at the same


No wonder supermarkets, lodges, rentals, estates, restaurants and bars are fast engulfing the place.

Kyaliwajjala, the gateway to Namugongo is the best beneficiary of these developments with the trading centre that gives you access to Namugongo, Kira, Kireka and Nalya on the fast lane to providing all services one needs in the suburbs.


As one wondered how to spend their time while in Namugongo area code, no better place one would get the best time than The Bleak bar and lounge.

Located in the Kyaliwajjala township, a few meters after branching off  Nalya road that heads down to Quality Shopping Mall, you come across The Bleak.

Built with African art and craft, The Bleak owned by socialite Shillo Kezimbira aka Kezi and her humble husband Emma, is the place one take a drink, eat some nice nyama choma, listen to some cool music, while they go about their stuff. Be it catching a soccer game, writing a report during the day, or just hanging out.

Shillo, an experienced bar proprietor says, starting on July 29, she will be introducing a live band playing for the customers. “This will be a monthly proggie in Kyaliwajjala you should not miss”, she says.

The Bleak bar and lounge in Kyaliwajjala has secure parking space, and the cost of beer and other drinks is such pocket friendly.


At Sh3,000 and some days in the week at Sh3,500, you get a cold beer. All kinds of nyama choma range from Sh5,000 to sh10,000.  You just give up eating at home. At The Bleak, supper deal is done.

And every end of month, you manage to catch some band music playing throughout the night.  This is something you cannot find anywhere in this neighbourhood.

When it comes to service, every customer gets that personal touch from professional bar tenders and waitresses.


Place: The Bleak Bar and Lounge

Location: Kyaliwajjala-Namugongo

Specials: Band every end of month, nyama choma, free wifi, Soccer, cool music, and service with a personal touch.

Prices: Beers at Sh3,000 – sh3,500

Deal: free wifi

Rating: 7/10