By our reporter

As far as the Ugandan entertainment industry is concerned, the media plays a big role in promoting artistes’ music.

But when the two parties don’t agree or are not on good working terms in one way or another, misunderstandings usually develop from either sides, thus giving birth to bad blood.

When it comes to ‘Talk and talk’ show host Isaac Katende alias Kasuku and his critical talk against most musicians, it completely becomes ferocious.

While some journalists write only whats good about artistes and forego their negative side, Kasuku is far different; he criticize, openly stings as well as advise artistes whenever possible through his popular show which is aired every Saturday of the week.

However, Kasuku’s open mindedness is not perceived well by most musicians especially those who have ever tasted his wrath.

Now, a total of 88 musicians have threatened to withdraw their music from Dembe FM and the entire Nation Media Group stations if Isaac Katende alias Kasuku is not fired from the media company.

Musicians through Uganda Musicians Association wrote a letter to the management of Dembe FM say Kasuku’s unprofessionalism shouldn’t be entertained on the media waves.

Some of the musicians who have headlined the cause include Mesach Semakula, Eddy Kenzo, Pallaso, Maureen Nantume among others.

The musicians’ move comes at a backdrop when renowned social critic Frank Gashumba is on a quest to gather 100,000 signatures to have Kasuku fired following his venomous talk about the late Mowzey Radio.