When a woman in her mid-thirties was busted cheating on her husband with a 70-year-old pastor besides the odd ‘cheating with pastor’ bit, Africanss found it even stranger that the old geezer still had fired-up loins. However, if you thought old people have no desire for between-the-sheets action, think again.

 Some of these folks are se_xually active and others even randy as hell. Take, for instance, the case of one unidentified 84-year-old Italian woman who is demanding a divorce from her new husband because — wait for it — he is not good in bed. The se_x-crazed octogenarian began by threatening her 88-year-old husband with divorce as an elaborate rouse to get him up his game.

That her husband only makes love to her twice a month (that could be a lot of se_x, if you ask most South Africans over the age of 40) doesn’t go down well with her. “Twice a month is not enough. It’s unacceptable,” she fumed to her lawyer. She insists her two former lovers (now deceased) were way better than her current one and that she is not going to settle for less.

After pleading with her husband to even try Vi_agra in vain, the granny has made good her threat and filed for divorce. The woman cited her dissatisfaction as the reason behind the divorce. The husband reportedly refused to take Viagra, because of a heart condition.

Italian media reports that when her husband, a retired bank clerk, refused to take the er_ectile aid due to a heart condition, she shouted: “Rubbish! You just have palpitations from time to time. Not a heart problem”.

‘Not tonight dear’ is a tired excuse the 84-year-old granny, who has outlived two husbands, doesn’t want to hear anymore from her husband.

When asked if she could not possibly find any other activity which could keep her happy and satisfied, the retired teacher said she could not see why she should have to give up se_x just because of her age. The granny has vowed to get herself ‘a new lover’. Jeez! Things women make men do!