By Faridah Nakazibwe

“School teaches you everything except, how to succeed on your JOB.” Malcom Gladwell.

I have no doubt that the rules listed here will make ANYONE a success irrespective of where they work. The uneasiness I had about my future as I left University, forced me into an adventure to find out the rules of Career success. Two things become clear when you study CAREER success:

a. It is NOT about the Job you work
b. It is NOT about the COMPANY you work for.

It is about the VALUE you are adding to your clients

Here are the 8 Commandments for Succeeding as a Man/Woman.

1. It is more important to work in a good ORGANIZATION than to start with a good POSITION .
By good organization, I mean a company where your skills and abilities will be developed. “Where you will LEARN more, than just EARN more.” Michael Watkins

2. What you learned in school is a foundation for future learning, nothing more. I have found, that a person can succeed faster if they see their degree NOT as a DESTINATION, but simply, as a FOUNDATION for future learning.

3. Be sure to create a good first impression. First impressions are powerful, not just in DATING but also in the workplace.@ Jim Collins

4. “You’re not as smart as you think you are, even if you are as smart as you think you are.” Jim Collins.
You will NOT go far in life, no matter how INTELLIGENT you are, if you err on the side of humility.

5. Be willing to do “menial” jobs. “No one achieves great things without first paying the price” Michael Watkins.
So be prepared to do a lot of work early on that may seem beneath your qualification.

6. Always do your homework. My experience is that College graduates are sick of doing homework. But the discipline of being prepared is indispensable. PREPARATION is always the key to INNOVATION.

7. Be someone that all your colleagues want to work with. No one wants to work with someone who is unpleasant. If you have a positive attitude, others will want to work with you.

8. Last but not least; “Network your brains out”. Robert Kiyosaki. There is an old career maxim that says “It’s not WHAT you know that matters, but WHO you know.” So establish relationships with people who are DOING what you are DREAMING