By Faridah Nakazibwe

There are some women out there who have a hard time getting a man to stick with them and have a committed relationship with them that would lead to marriage. It isn’t ordinary; there are some highly possible reasons that could make a man choose not to marry you:

1. HIGH MAINTENANCE & YOU DON’T WORK – The high maintenance woman isn’t appreciated by most men, and many women tend to be high maintenance these days without knowing. When it comes to a serious affair like marriage, men tend not to favor this kind of women.

2. BEAUTY WITHOUT BRAINS – Some women are extremely beautiful to the point that they have nothing else to offer but their beautiful face and sexy body. Beauty could get tiring when there’s nothing else to offer; most men would want a beautiful wife, but there should be more to offer.

3. THEY DON’T SEE WIFE POTENTIAL IN YOU – Men group women into wife material and girlfriend material; meaning, you might be good enough to be his girlfriend but not good enough to be his ‘Mrs’. If he sees you more as a girlfriend material, he wouldn’t put a ring on those fingers, no matter

4. THE BOSSY WOMAN – The woman who wants to be in charge, the woman who wants to control everything, the woman who wants to change her man is the kind of woman men get scared of marrying.

5. THE ONE WHO DOESN’T TAKE CARE OF HERSELF – I’m not sure the men of this generation would want a woman who can’t take care of herself. Men want their wives to be attractive and good looking; it’s not about being superficial with beauty products, but just doing what’s right and necessary to be an attractive woman or neat woman.

6. THE ONE WHO’S DESPERATE – A woman who’s desperate for a man isn’t really valued by men. When you become too clingy and desperate, your flaws become more obvious and terrifying, and your value would tend to drop.
Desperation is a turn off for most men.

7. THE ONE WITH A TERRIBLE ATTITUDE – Every man wants a good wife with a good attitude, and not every woman has this. I’ve seen a number of men who love their lady but are scared of taking the relationship further, because of that eight letter word – attitude.

Men are scared of getting married to a lot of women for these reasons. They might like you enough for a relationship, but would be reluctant to take the relationship further. Search yourself to know which one is affecting you and make an amendment immediately.