By Faridah Nakazibwe

Call me old fashioned but,

Men, ALWAYS, always, and I repeat always, earn more money than your woman. She may tell you there is gender equality, but deep inside, she still wants a man who can take care of her bills!

Right, I know some feminists will “Bite me” here,….And some folks will also bring me up that “Love aint about money” quote. I know, but ladies, if you can get a man who loves you with all his heart and who is also financially independent and can spoil you like a queen, why not go for that? Besides, Why go for “In love and Poor”, when you can believe God for “In love and Financially Stable”?

That aside, Fellas, Ladies and Gentlemen’s , here are 7 signs that will show you, you are NOT working hard enough to INCREASE your income;

1.You have dreams but no set goals
You WISH your life could get better, but you don,t lay down PLANS on how to improve it. You often complain, but make no changes. “Successful people are driven by clear, specific goals. “ . And they write down plans on how to achieve their goals.

2. You entertain yourself instead of educating yourself
Instead of spending your spare time investing in yourself and improve your ability so you can earn more money, you distract yourself with entertainment that adds no real value to your life or your productivity. ie ,you watch Mwasuze Mutya only on Friday. (If you know you know)

3. You blame others for your circumstances
You refuse to take 100% responsibility for your results. You refuse to acknowledge that YOU are in control of your life. You blame the government, the opposition ,your company, your parents , or God for your lack of success.

4. You stay in relationships that obviously aren’t working
You have a tendency to date people who bring you more problems than pleasure.” Whatever the case is, you must understand that your choice of spouse has a major impact on your life and success.” Penelop Trunk. Trust me, If the person you’re with now is inhibiting your happiness and success, cut them lose and raise your standards.

5. You spend time with people who are going nowhere
Jim Rohn, who was considered to be America’s Foremost Business Philosopher, once said that “you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” People who fail spend most of their time with people who do not support or encourage their success.

6. You’re careless with money
You spend money trying to LOOK successful, instead of investing it to BECOME successful. You often run out of money before the month runs out.
7. You think successful people got lucky
The final sign that you’re not working hard enough to increase your income is, you believe that people who are successful got lucky. You believe their parents helped them, or that they grew up in the right country. Remember in this same country there’s people like Bobi Wine who started from zero but they never drike fighting for what they want .

“But the reality is people succeed by BEING the right person in the right place. ” . In other words, they work tirelessly to prepare themselves for specific opportunities. And when those opportunities present themselves, they seize them.

With all my heart, I believe YOU will cross the bridge and succeed! Yes you can