By Faridah Nakazibwe

The truth of the matter is, you can not only know how your future will be, you can actually create the kind of future you want,this literally means you can be happily married,profoundly rich,intellectually bright and socially elite no matter your current situation, you can be amazingly successful tomorrow,if you know what to do today,here are guidelines.

1-WATCH TODAY’S THOUGHTS – What you think about you bring about,to be successful tomorrow,change what you habitually think about today.The ancestor of every action is a thought.

2-WATCH YOUR ASSOCIATIONS – The Bible says”A companion of fools shall be destroyed,but he who walks with the wise shall be wise”It’s easy to know if you are going to build a successful business or career,just check who you hang out with,associate with the smart,noble and successful.

3-WATCH YOUR DAILY ACTIONS – Your current actions are prophetic,they are predicting what exactly you are creating in the future,if you want to be wealthy tomorrow,act the way the wealthy acted before they became wealthy,if you want to be happily married,act the way a wife acts. You have to become in character what you want to possess in actuality.

4-WATCH YOUR WORDS – With our words we create our worlds,avoid speaking negative of yourself,describe yourself from the perspective of victory,success and abundance,words are free but they are creative too.

5-WATCH YOUR ENVIRONMENT – A negative and De-energizing atmosphere can dampen your spirit faster than anything else,avoid being in an environment of negative energy but rather be in places where you are affirmed and believed in,even Jesus Christ left the town where they didn’t believe in Him.

6-WATCH YOUR BODY LANGUAGE – Faith without works is dead, you must project what you want to manifest in your life through your posture,your stance and the way you walk,Barack Obama used to walk like a President before he became President & he worked on it to be President.