By our reporter

Since 2012 , a number of prominent Ugandans have been gunned down by unknown assailants who ride on bodabodas.

These figures include politicians, Muslim clerics, security officers, judicial officers among others.

The reasons behind these killings up to date remain scanty.

Every time such incident happens, president Yoweri Museveni comes up to assure Ugandans of security and that culprits shall be apprehended. Unfortunately, his reaction always ends up with no action.

Below is a list of slain prominent Ugandans;

1.Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Having joined Police in 2001, Kaweesi rose into ranks and by the time of his murder, he was the force’s Spokesperson.

Kaweesi was shot on the morning of 17 March, 2017 when he was leaving his home in Kulambiro. He was traveling with one of his bodyguards, Kenneth Erau and the driver, Geoffrey Wambewo who were all killed about 100metres from Kaweesi’s gate.

He trio was gunned down by assailants moving on a bodaboda.

2.Joan Kagezi

Prosecutor Joan Namazzi Kagezi was gunned down on 30 March, 2015. She was the assistant director of public prosecution and head of the International Criminal Division in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

By the time of her murder, Kagezi was handling a case of 13 individuals accused of participating in the July 2010 Kampala attacks, which occurred during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final match, killing at least 79 people.

3.Ibrahim Abiriga

Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga was on Friday 8, shot dead together with his bodyguard near his home in Kawanda along the Kampala-Gulu highway.

Abiriga, who was famous for his love for the ruling party, National Resistance Movement and President Museveni was gunned down this by unknown gunmen reportedly riding on motorcycles in a style similar to the way former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

4.Sheikh Muhammad Kiggundu

Major Muhammad Kiggundu was killed by bodaboda hitmen in November 2016 in Masanafu, a city suburb.

The former member of the Allied Democratic Front (ADF) and leader of the Jamat Dawa Salafiya was killed together with his body guard, Sergeant Stephen Mukasa.

5.Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya

Sheikh Ibrahim Kirya was gunned down by assailants on Bodaboda in June 2015 in Bweyogerere.

He was shot thrice by two assailants on a ‘bodaboda’ as he had stopped to buy groceries, according to the people who were at the scene.

6.Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga

Sheikh Bahiga was gunned down by assailants on bodaboda in December 2014 at Bwebajja mosque along Entebbe road.

7.Sheikh Abdul Karim sentamu

Sheikh Sentamu was gunned down by unknown assailants on bodaboda in April 2012 in Kampala at William and Ben Kiwanuka junction as he boarded his car shortly after leading evening prayers.

Sheikh Sentamu was a former close associate of Jamil Mukulu, the self-styled leader of the Allied Democratic Forces—ADF.