By Namugerwa Martha

There are many mistakes women tend to do knowingly or unknowingly with their money which makes them vulnerable in terms of improving their financial status or meeting their financial goals.

Here are some of the mistakes women do with their money which men don’t;

  1. Women are socialized to save money “just in case “ they have to take care of themselves whereas men are socialized to learn about how to invest and make money grow.


  1. Women use money to take care of others, buy want they want whereas men use money to keep score or buy what they need.


  1. Women are very cautious about investing thus they use money to create a lifestyle in the present whereas men take investment risks and use their money to prepare for the future.


  1. Women tend to view money in terms of relationships, ask for what they think they deserve and spend it on those they care about whereas men view money objectively, ask what they want and spend it on themselves.


  1. Women normally want to be fair during trying financial times whereas men advocate for themselves during trying financial times.


  1. Women gravitate towards helping professions whereas men gravitate towards high paying jobs.

7. Women tend to expect others to know more than they do whereas men learn how to be effective investors.