By Faridah Nakazibwe

Six things are common to all baby husbands which shows the level of their wisdom and exposure. Men must use this as a checklist and stop being arrogant.

1. Food rejection. Many men are fond of this foolish habit. Whenever they are angry with their wives, they show their displeasure by not eating the food their wives prepared. You are the owner of the food and the food was prepared in your house. Yet, you reject it. This is foolishness of the highest order.

2. Keeping Malice. Keeping malice with your wife whenever you are angry with her is another childish behavior. In fact, there are situations when they turn deaf ears their wives move for reconciliation.If there is a misunderstanding, settle it with your wife.

3. Constant outburst of anger. Unchecked anger which makes you call your wives all sorts of names and say unprofitable things like threats of divorce, separation, beating, is not an attribute of a real man.

4. Not supporting their wives at home. More than 80 percent of African men do not raise a finger at home to do any house chores, care for the baby. In fact, an average man will always say to their wives, “come and carry your baby” whenever the baby cries. Irrespective of what the woman is doing, she must abandon it to cater for the baby, while the man keeps himself busy watching television and also reminding the woman to bring his food. When asked the reason for such negligence, he is likely going to say one or more of the following:

– “I am the head of this family”

– “In our culture, men don’t do anything at home”

– “My wife will begin to take men for granted if I help her at home”

– “She will disrespect me if I do.”

– “It is not manly to do.”

– “I make the money, let her do the cooking”.

– “I am too busy”.

– “What will the neighbors say when they see me doing something for her, etc”.

Men, wake up. Be a real man, support your wife at home. Put your biceps and triceps to use. Don’t turn your wife into a slave. It is childish to do so.

5. Reporting their wives. It is inappropriate to report your wife to your friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members, whenever there is a misunderstanding. You should be mature enough to handle your own family. A real man respects his wife and will seek to settle the disputes quickly. He doesn’t shout at the woman. People you are reporting to may even have bigger problems in their hands to deal with. You are only permitted to seek counsel from your pastor or marriage counselor on issues that concern your home.

6. Wife battering. One of the most foolish things a man can do is to beat a woman he claims to love and promised to protect. Any man who beats his wife is a beast. Grow up and give your lovely wife peace of mind.