By Waswa Tenywa

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Department of social Services in conjunction with Operation wealth creation have given out more than 100 goats to 11 Muslim groups from six Muslim districts of Uganda namely Kamuli, Paliisa, Mbale, Wakiso, Butaleja and Kampala in abide to improve the standards of Muslims in the country.

Handing over the goats to the beneficiaries at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council headquarters in Kampala today, the Secretary General at Uganda Muslim supreme council Hajji Ramathan Mugalu revealed that the programme is part of Uganda Muslim supreme council exercise to develop the Muslims of Uganda adding that UMSC will use its structures to monitor all developmental programs accorded to Muslims in the different parts of the country to see that they are not mismanaged.

The Secretary General thanked government for working closely with Uganda Muslim supreme council to uplift the lives of Muslims. He also appealed to the beneficiaries to look after these goats very well so that the intention of development is achieved.

On the same note the Secretary for social services at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Sheikh Muhammad Ali Aluma stressed that all groups that have received these goats where trained and he is sure that the intended development will be achieved.

Aluma also pressed the issue of monitoring the projects including the chicks that were first given out and the goats that have just been given out.

He thanked the government of Uganda for the continued support they have rendered to Uganda Muslim supreme council and appealed to it to also fulfill the other promised projects.

UMSC in collaboration with operation wealth creation first gave out chicks with all the bunty food needed for the chicks to grow until they reach the extent of laying eggs and this is the second bunch in which they have given out goats totaling to 100 all done in line with the presidential initiative of vision 2040.