By Robert Turyakira

First of all, I salute every Ugandan who is struggling for a better Uganda. I know there are many Ugandans in FDC, DP,  UPC and Many Independents that wake up every day working hard to make Uganda a better place for all of us.  Iam also aware that there are very many NRM party members who are genuinely working for a prosperous Uganda. The truth is,  a dream for a peaceful, stable and sustainable Uganda is widely shared by many Progressive Ugandans irrespective of their political Parties or political! We are dreaming of a working Uganda. 

Yesterday evening, following the pronouncement that Gen Mugisha Muntu and his team had left the FDC,  I had a great conversation with some friends who are deeply concerned about the political future of Uganda. One of the issues we talked about was the FDC fall out. I made it clear to my friends that I will support Gen Muntu’s political formation.  Below are my personal reasons.

1. IN 2001

I first met Gen.MM in 2001, at Muntuyera High School Kitunga. Then the Old Boys(OBs) of the School had reunited at the school to inspire us the Students then. Notable among the Obs was the current Principal Judge, Hon Justice

Yorokamu Bamwine. Gen Muntu spoke with Calm and exhibited un usual Humility. For me who was used to authoritative tough Teachers , I was humbled by his rare gentle personality. General MM is an epitome of Civility. Time has come for Uganda to experience a civil leader in Mugisha Muntu.


As a party president of FDC, General MM launched an fdc party policy called FDC Leap Forward. That was supposed to be a blue print of the FDC! Therefore time has come for Uganda to have a leader who believes in principled and clear policy Alternatives. Ugandans want to hear what a leader wants to offer not what another leader has failed to do. We want working viable alternatives. “You can’t give what you don’t have”-Gen Muntu. This should be our new political culture where we discuss issues not politics of individuals. We want to know how many jobs are you going to create for our graduates and how? How will you fight criminality and Promote Fundamental Human Rights? What are your Healthcare and Education Policies ?


Generally speaking there is afatigue against the two major players in our politics.  For a long time now we have always had more of the same! Same leading opposition figure, same old man with a hat(Jaaja). Therefore it is timely for team MM to emerge as fresh blood in the Political veins of our Country. Most especially if Gen MM teams up with the fire brand Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, the dynamic duo will form a formidable third force as 2021 takes shape and will be unstoppable. Uganda is hungry for fresh ideas, fresh blood and fresh energy!


Gen MM in his 50’s is a generational leader,  he is a bridge between the young and Old. We therefore need that leader who comes with political experience but also has the ear and eyes of the young people who form the biggest bulk. He is a gentleman who joined the struggle at 23 years and clearly espouses the aspirations of Young people. I’m very sure that with General Muntu,  our generation cannot go wrong, we have slot to learn from him as we finally take charge of our Country’s Future.


As noted earlier many NRM people are not happy with what is going on in our country and so are many independents. However when they look at the opposition, it seems to them ‘worse’ than even NRM. Therefore many of them have chosen to be fence sitters,  with General Muntu as aviable alternative with clear ideals to fight for , many fence sitters are likely to comeout boldly!


As a country, we urgently want peaceful political change.  Over 45 percent of our people didnt vote in 2016, an indication that they didnt see a viable alternative. President M7, has played his role and I salute him for some of his achievements  despite his numerous failures,  no leader World Over is perfect. But even the best leaders finally leave the stage. We need peaceful change like yesterday and Team Mugisha Muntu is the change we can believe in! #IamTeamMuntu #StrongEthicalVisionary #CountryBeforeSelf #WeThePeople