By Kiyimba Bruno

Many people in Uganda use mini buses as their means of transport. Some end up being caught up by time while others reach their places of work late simply because traffic in Kampala has made owning a car a worrisome thing.

So, you are a busy person. You want to catch an appointment. So, you either hire a police siren vehicle to clear a way for you, or, get mad in the jam.

So, the smart ones, jump out, park the vehicle and take a “Boda boda”.

Now here are five reasons why a serious businessman would resort to a boda:

  1. It is small. Being small means it consumes a small area on the road as compared to the taxis.
  2. It’s reliable. You shall never miss a minute late when you get a boda boda on time.
  3. They are cheap. This kind of vehicle makes you use less money moving place to place as compared to taxi.
  4. They are broke. The fuel they put in their vehicles is always too little to make a day. So a serious business man would resort to putting a full tank for the boda and request him to ride you the whole day.
  5. Finally, these guys are clean. They wash their bikes twice a week.

Now the next time we meet I shall give you the simple ways to meet your needs.