By Najibu Mulema
First on Sunday morning it was Allan Sewanyana, mp
Mp Makindye west to be arrested from his home, followed by Dr Kizza Besigye, firmly holding a bible in one of his arms claimimg to be going to church.Police put barriers in his way, feeling confused Besigye got out of his car to walk but he was denied by police,ordered to enter the popular police black van then taken and detained at Nagalama police.
Then Geofrey Ekanya and Ingrid Turinawe arrested and detained at katwe police station and lastly the kampala lord mayor Elias Lukwago was also arrested when coming out of his home in Wakaligga.
According to Police, these opposition members were planning to hold parallel independence day celebrations at katwe grounds, thats why the police had to carry out preventive arrests.
In Katwe grounds,though key figures were detained,plans went as staged.Prayers led by former archbishop Emmanuel Wamala were conducted and Cardinal Wamala critised the actions people engage in which take the country backward.