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3rd September 2018, Kampala, Uganda: Pemba Sports Africa (PSA) has officially flagged off Umar Semata for a month long training programme in Phuket, Thailand, in heightened anticipation for his much awaited match with Moses Golola, slated for this October 13th, 2018 at Freedom City in Namasuba.

Jack Pemba at the press conference

Semata, also nicknamed “the Pain,” weighs 75kg is a super middleweight Muay Thai fighter who is the current World Boxing Council Muaythai Super Middleweight International Champion, a title he has held since 14th June 2013. His illustrious career has seen him win 42 matches of the many he has been involved in.

Speaking ahead of the sponsor’s send off at the Mestil hotel in Nsambya, Pemba Sports Africa Chairman Mr. Jack Pemba said that he has a lot of faith in Semata and that he will surely come out as victor in the much anticipated fight between Golola and Semata.

“I have a lot of faith in Umar and so does Pemba Sports Africa. He is a very skilled kick boxer and as such this month long training in Thailand will simply prepare for the victory, which we all know is inevitable,” Pemba said.

Pemba, who had earlier on in the year offered UGX 10,000,000 to the overall champion of the match also revealed that UGX 4,000,000 would be offered to the runner up of the October duel.

Pemba also revealed that Pemba Sports Africa had injected USD 10,000 in Semata, which is inclusive of flights, accommodation, welfare and training in Thailand.

Pemba sports team

Pemba Sports Africa:

Started in a bid to revamp the budding sports industry in Uganda, Pemba Sports Africa is the brainchild of city business man and philanthropist, Jack Pemba. The company which has sponsored a number athletes including heavy weight lifter and body builder Ivan Byekwaso and now kick boxing champion Umar Semata, have for long been involved in sports philanthropic activities. The franchise also represents the Pemba Warriors, a basketball team. Pemba, most recently entered into a partnership with rally car driver Ambrose Byona in a mega sponsorship deal. He has also sponsored events at Rainbow International School.

Jack Pemba is also the Africa President of Real Impact Boxing (RIBO) and WFM World Federation of Elite Martial Arts.