By Watchdog reporter

Love or hate him, Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga’s life is full of drama.

If he is not being robbed at his home, he will be caught urinating on the streets. If he is not showing his love for President Museveni and NRM by wearing yellow outfits, then it will be his car running out of fuel in the middle of a busy street.

Many people would believe the Arua man has been paid lots of cash to promote age limit removal from the constitution but Abiriga’s real life doesn’t show he has that much money. Someone might even as what he does with his lucrative MP pay if not to save him the embarrassment of an empty tank in the middle of the road just outside Parliament.

Abiriga’s funkie Volkswagen Beattlo which he painted yellow is trending on social media on Wednesday. The reason it is trending is less about its colour or model, but, the youth around Parliamentary Avenue refused to push Abiriga’s car which had run out of fuel until he paid them handsomely from the “age limit” cash.


This website understands Abiriga paid heavily for not keeping an eye on his fuel metre as the young men he hired to push his car off the road, charged him a lot of money telling him that he has taken a lot of #agelimit money.  The young men refused to entertain his explanations that he did not have any money and for that reason his car had ran out of fuel!

The former RDC and Idi Amin soldier was seen dressed in his yellow outfit looking confused, asking himself why him!

And to make matters worse, the public is increasingly paying more attention to Abiriga’s personal life. He is one of the most visible MPs in the 10th parliament.