By Watchdog reporter

For the first time, a leader at a level of a president of a country has called HIV/Aids a “biological weapon”.

President Museveni on Tuesday morning launched the presidential fast-track initiative on ending Aids in Uganda with strong message on testing and new infections.

Mr Museveni who is a strong campaigner against the HIV/Aids scourge passionately told his listeners to fight the disease aggressively, adding that the disease a “biological weapon” and spreading it was “criminal”.

It is not the first time various people have called some serious diseases ravaging especially Africa and other third world country, biological weapons against the poor population. Recently, Ebola in West Africa was characterised as biological weapons made by the Westerners countries especially United States to test war weapons.

The new road map launched at Imperial Royale hotel in Kampala points to a renewed call to end HIV/Aids in Uganda by 2030.

It is during this meeting that Museveni called upon men to go and test their HIV status. Men are a group of people who are reluctant to test their status, despite the fact that their wives are compelled to test during pregnancy before enrolling them on antenatal care.

The president added that if one does not know their HIV status risks one to spread it unknowingly to another person or persons.