By Our reporter

Last month, Bank of Uganda lawyers of MMAKS advocates and AFK Mpanga were disqualified from a case against property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia.

Commercial Court judge David Wangutsi threw our top lawyers Timothy Masembe Kanyerezi and David Mpanga from representing BoU after Mr. Sudhir filed an affidavit citing a conflict of interest.

Deputy registrar Lillian Buchana read the ruling saying Justice Wangutusi concurred with Sudhir that there was a legal relationship between Sudhir and the two lawyers, alongside their law firms.

The judge said there was certainly confidential information divulged which can prejudice the case before the commercial court.

Court also ruled that two lawyers were potential witnesses in the despite between Bank of Uganda and Sudhir.

After the ruling, the two lawyers revealed that they were going to appeal.

Now latest information reaching our news desk indicates that BoU officials and the disqualified lawyers have failed to agree on whether to appeal against the commercial court ruling or not.

According to sources, various meetings have held between BoU officials of the legal and supervisory departments and other senior directors, in a bid to file an appeal but parties have since failed to find an agreeable position.

Apparently, BoU Director of Legal Department Ms Margaret Kasule insists that lodging an appeal in a case where BoU wasn’t a party will complicate the main suit that involves the Central Bank and Crane Bank, when the two sides are likely to start negotiations.

“We were not part to this suit involving ‘conflicted’ lawyers and therefore, our appeal will be more of trying to help the lawyers and yet we are ex-party,” says Ms Kasule as quoted by an online news site

It is reported that Justine Bagyenda, the Director Supervision, has stuck to her guns of having BoU file an appeal and that she wants lawyers Mpanga and Masembe retained as counsel for the main suit.

Meanwhile, Deputy Governor Dr Louis Kasekende prior supported the idea of appealing but after some brain storming during meetings, he reportedly changed his position.

On the other hand, Mr. Sudhir insists he cannot hold negotiations with BoU when the ‘conflicted lawyers’ are part of the team.