By Najibu Mulema

Yesterday singer Eddy Kenzo proved that indeed he is heaven sent as he decided to donate a little of what he has to hunger stricken people in Mityana district.

According to the BET winner, as he was watching news on one of the local TV stations, they showed some people in some parts of Uganda that were completely starving without food or water to feed on as a result of severe drought that hit them and dried off all their plantations. This touched his heart so much in that he wished he could do something to rescue them from that situation.

After feeling sorry for the victims,the Big talent boss contacted some of his friends to see what they could do to save the suffering souls.

“The people who responded quickly were Mr. Hith his wife Leira and their family and church .The Almighty God enabled us yesterday and we were able to give out some rice and beans to a few thousands of families in mityana districts that we were told were among the most affected areas hit by this long season of drought. we also got a chance to visit some primary school of the deaf and supported them with some rice, beans and sch materials,” Eddy Kenzo posted on his social media.

“We served about 4 villages in mityana district with a little we had and argued them to eat some and re harvest some for the future. There still more areas around the east and some parts of northern Uganda that are facing the same problem of drought and lack food to feed their families. I know we can’t help everyone but anyone can help someone please do what you can in your area,” He added.