A shooting in broad day light sent police officers on the search for several suspects in Quincy Center Friday. One of the bullets blew out the glass of a basement door at the Masonic lodge next to the Santander Bank on Hancock Street.

“Shortly after I did hear a bang there was a lot of commotion out here,” said Witness Evan Newton.

Police said a witness description helped them track down two people who took off from the scene around 1:51 Friday afternoon.

“They were all pulled up blocking the lot, blocking the corner pretty much everywhere. It was pretty chaotic for about an hour,” said Newton.

Police said they were able to arrest 18-year-old Cory Kisakye at a parking garage on Hancock Street.

Police were able to arrest the second suspect, who they said is a juvenile, after a 911 caller said they spotted the suspect around Furnace Brook Parkway and Newport Ave.

“I stayed here for my own safety,” said Newton.

During the search, nearby Quincy High School sheltered in place while others in the area took their own precautions.

“So someone let me know that there was something that went on down the street and guns were involved so I decided to stay at the gym a little longer,” said Quincy reuse the Lindsay Willis.

Quincy Police recovered two guns and said there were no injuries.