By our reporter

When you meet Savana Namoma, definitely you cannot fail to drop a tear due to the much pain she is currently going through.

The 16 year old senior one student was last month brutally beaten by her auntie and her four sons after finding her getting cozy with a boy.

After being tortured, Namoma was locked inside the house for a full month until Esther, one of her friends got to know about the ordeal thus reporting the case to a pastor who rushed to Mbale Central Police Station for help.

By the time of her rescue, some of Namoma’s body parts had already started rotting and she was admitted to Mbale Referral Hospital.

Police managed to arrest two of the suspects (brothers) but unfortunately they were released before even spending a night behind coolers.

Steera Mariam, one of the well wishers helping to meet Namoma’s medical bills at the hospital says she got to know about the victim’s situation through her friends as she went to visit her sister’s sick son at the same hospital.

“ I had gone to see my sister’s sick son at Mbale Referral Hospital when I saw two girls whom I know and by coincidence they were Namoma’s friends so I asked them what they were doing at the hospital and that’s how I got to know about Namoma’s situation,” said Mariam adding, “I was so touched and I rendered in to help the young girl,”

Apparently, Mariam says she spend over shs30,000 everyday to cater for Namoma’s medical bills.

She however calls upon civil societies, well wishers to come out and help the ailing young girl financially and also make sure justice is served.

Meanwhile, Namoma says she is being threatened by her auntie that if anything bad happens to her or her sons, they will deal with her.

In case of any help call Mariam on +256751665460.