By Kiyimba Bruno

The assistant Chief Administration Officer (CAO) for Yumbe district Mr Drajiga Rasul has expressed concern about the increasing number of refugees in Yumbe district.

Speaking this Drajiga was giving his remarks on the status of refugees in his district in the dissemination workshop of the refugee financing study report in Uganda that has taken place at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

“Am worried that over 150 refugees are born every week. ” Said Drajiga

He added that there is adequate need for government to look at refugees as a key issue that needs to be financed.
The workshop hosted civil societies like CSBAG, district leaders as well as representatives from the Office of the prime minister.

Julius Mukunda the executive director for CSBAG,on the same function led the launch of the refugee crisis in Uganda study report.

The report highlights that the government of Uganda has provided asylum to forcibly displaced persons from its neighboring countries for decades.

It states that Uganda has on average hosted 160,000 refugees annually since 2011.

However, hen the renewed conflict broke out from South Sudan,the unprecedented number or refugees came to Uganda, doubling the refugee population by the end of 2017.

More than 75% of the refugees are from South Sudan,17% from the Democratic Republic of Congo,and the rest from Somalia,Rwanda,Burundi,Eritrea, and other countries.