By Faridah Nakazibwe

Today Sunday 25th/02/18 and having observed all the excitement and buzz that has hit town as I watch some of the men I knew from way back Tie-the-knot, I thought some jewels of wisdom for the single man might be essential. But before I go any further, let me speak to the ladies:

Ladies; Good Men are hard to find because, they are usually Busy Working! 
And so if you want a Financially independent man, be prepared for a Busy Man:.

Below are 15 Rules for being a single man;

1.If you think all Ugandan women are ugly, expect to live alone when you get old, and eventually die alone.

2.Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union , Kim Kardashian and Angel Lamya, (did I say Angel?… Yes) are all married. The perfect ones always are!

3.The consequence of watching Good Women pass by without asking them out, is to become bitter when they end up with WEAKER, and Less competent men.

4.Perfect women don’t exist. Good women are EVERYWHERE.

5.“It’s NOT okay to sacrifice your Family for your career or education. “
Source; let’s just say I learn,t a lot when I lost my father before my graduation.

6.“The UN-intended consequence of being a NERD is loneliness”.

7. If you act, react or dress like a TRADI, you are a TRADI!

8.Being a Tall, handsome or Heavily Built man DOESN’T always mean women will like you. It is the ATTITUDE of the man not the ALTITUDE of the man that matters. Source: Jeyz, DJ Khalid or Study Napoleon Bonaparte!

9.Beautiful, or Brainy, or Business-minded, or religious woman, you can only have two of those in a woman.

10. If you expect a woman to be “EMOTIONALLY independent”, don’t be surprised that she’ll be independent from you, too.

11. In Uganda, we consider single “happy bachelors” , once they turn 30, as Single, Lonely, Rigid, and Impotent men. Keep that in mind next time you’re taunting your woman about wanting to get married too soon.

12.You can’t have it all; Women, Money, Sex, Hell , Political Power, or God. Please have good sense to realize this. If I were you, I would choose God.

13.You are NOT cool, No matter how intelligent you think you are, if you think God doesn’t exist. If you really were intelligent, you would have read your Quran or Bible, and found that God already knew there would be UN-cool people who think like you. .

14. “Your STIFF and RIGID single friends DON’T want you to have a really beautiful woman. Consider this when listening to their advice. “ Will Smith.

15. “A woman won’t say “I want you” until she is 100% confident that you won’t use this against her.”I have a right to withhold the source for this!

16. Expecting SEX in exchange for buying a woman a present is called “PROSTITUTION”, and need I say, it is ILLEGAL in Uganda.