By John Ssentongo

Celebrating women’s Day is a reminder we are still in a man’s world. And honestly, Uganda is still a patriarchal society where highly gifted women have achieved some milestones but would have reached far had they been born men.

The following women are achievers but should have been on top of the country had they been born men.

1. Rebecca Kadaga

Rebecca Kadaga, a lawyer by profession, is the speaker of Uganda’s parliament. By her position, she has risen to high on the ladder. In fact, she is by protocol the third most powerful person in Uganda. Kadaga rode on the women’s movement but her achievement is self made. The Kamuli district MP is a fighter. She does not shy away from personal wars. Kadaga, according to sources, desired to stand for president. In fact she stands a better chance than any member of parliament to replace Museveni. But again, when the contest goes on the last line, Kadaga could be overlooked for one unsaid reason – she is a woman.

2. Sylvia Tamale

Feminist Sylvia Tamale might be silent of recent but few women are bolder than her. The lawyer professor has championed women issues and honestly her energies, intellect and courage should have propelled her to at least the top of Makerere university if she wanted to. However, Uganda’s oldest university has never had a female vice chancellor. Tamale should be there, but, she is….

3. Winnie Byanyima

Oxfam boss Winnie Byanyima is possibly the most visible Ugandan woman in the world. She is celebrated in Europe, US and makes appearances with world leaders. Winnie, a former MP and political ideologue of NRM, is also one of the most intelligent person of her generation. In fact, Winnie for president thoughts are not empty words but again, realistically, only her sex in her way.

4. Geraldine Busuulwa Ssali

Former NSSF deputy managing director is a one of the most promising youthful leaders. She is said to have stood for what is right at the Fund until wrong elements became uncomfortable with her. She was thrown out at the end of her contract. Geraldine is however one of the dependable managers if our country valued people of substance.

5. Betty Nambooze

The Mukono municipality MP is known for standing for the common person at the ditriment of her health. Nambooze is of the few women MPs with a non affirmative constituency. Nambooze has been ripped to take on Democratic party at president but in the traditional society it seems like a long short.

6. Miria Matembe

Former ethics minister Miria Matembe is a woman who speaks her mind. Her boldness inspires many women and girls.

7. Barbara Kaija

In the world of media Barbara Kaija has broken the glass ceiling to become editor in chief of the biggest media company in Uganda The Vision Group. She could be CEO if the the powers that be choose…that remains to be seen.

8. Joanita Kawalya

Afrigo queen Juanita Kawalya us adorable. She has been a star looked upon by many aspiring women singers. She is also involved in charity work including fighting HIV, girl child education among others. In fact, Kawalya is one Afrigo member who serves society beyond singing. As a mother, wife, sister, singer, social activist among others, the society should have celebrated Juanita more than it does.

9. Juliana Kanyomozi

The music princess is adored by her fans. But even her critics agree Juliana has given entertainment more than her voice. Starting out in early 2000s, pop music wasn’t easy for a female singer. Juliana has been there. She is still there.

10. Rev Diana Nkesiga

Rev Diana Nkesiga is the vicar of all saints cathedral. The people who go through her hands agree that she is a great pastor. One wonders why Diana isn’t yet a bishop of the church of Uganda. If not for one simple reason.