By Watchdog reporter

We have realized that President Yoweri  Museveni’s advise of killing the boda boda guys is not a good one, so we have  decided to give other alternatives of surviving the ruthless killers.

Here are some of the ways you can survive being gunned down by assailants;

Be observant when you are moving around your car, make sure you observe every move of any boda boda rider trailing you.

They say if you can’t win them join them that is in case you know who the real killers are.

If possible, work from home. With this dotcom era everything is almost possible you can stay home and do your work online.

In case of any attack while travelling in your car, take cover and I mean it….a real cover if it means engulfing yourself in car seats, do so.

For high profiled government officials, an armored car is paramount. By armored I mean real bullet proofed cars not these Chinese made armored cars.

Never allow any boda boda ride close to you for a long time, if ‘symptoms persists’ increase speed while driving towards a police station.

If by any chance you find boda boda guys staged near your home, pretending to be having a mechanical problem, my friend just go back indoors and call it a day.

For those loaded fellows, if for example you cruise a tinted V8, go back the bond, buy three more V8s same colour, always move in a convoy this will help you disguise yourself from the faces of murderers.

If you’re used to using one route to and from home from January to December, please stop that. If possible always change routes to confuse assailants who can stage somewhere to murder you.

Lastly, if you can buy some clown faces, always put a different artificial face to always disguise yourself from the eyes of the ruthless murderers.

Hope that will help!