By Watchdog reporter

Female Members of Parliament under their umbrella association the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) want an independent inquiry into the conduct of the late Prof Lawrence Mukiibi.

Mukiibi who passed recently, left a dirty closet, with women and girls claiming he had left children with them, while others claim he had sexual relations when they were studying at his prestigious St Lawrence Schools.

MP Monica Amoding, who heads the Women MPs association, said they want the inquiry to be expanded to encompass other schools where such allegations are made. While Tina Musuya, the boss of Center for Domestic Violence and Prevention (CEDOVIP) says there is widespread abuse of the girl child by her teachers while still in school and she supports the inquiry.

So that no woman or child is left in the cold in the aftermath of Mukiibi’s demise as well as to take disciplinary measures against St Lawrence Schools, MPs want;

1. To establish the number of women and girls Prof Mukiibi sired children with while studying at St Lawrence schools contrary to the teaching profession.

2. To find out all women Mukiibi had children with before they turned 18 years.

3. To find out cases ever opened against Prof Mukiibi and how they were handled

4. To establish if anyone was complicit in Prof Mukiibi perversions

5. To establish the state in which children and women are

6. To establish how children left by Prof Mukiibi will be taken care of after the death of their father

7. To establish if some parents conspired to defeat justice when their children were impregnated by Prof Mukiibi

8. To establish if there are staff of St Lawrence Schools who have sexually abused girls like their principal

9. To establish if there are big shots Prof Mukiibi was deploying to threaten his victims

10. To establish which children or women were forced to abort pregnancies

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