By Faridah Nakazibwe
1. Marry a Woman you can PRAY with not just SLEEP with

2. A Real Man is NOT measured by how many women he has slept with, but by how many women he has told “I’m already taken.”

3. In the end, it is not how much MONEY you give her that matters, it is how much TIME you give her that matters. TIME invested is the real measure of love.

4. If you ask God, the rule for dating is simple, “Never undress a Woman you haven’t first dressed with a Wedding ring/Nikkah.”

5. There is a certain type of Woman you need to avoid at all costs, ” the Woman who thinks beauty is more important than character.”

6. Any Woman can look beautiful in a short skirt. But If she can look beautiful in a long dress, that girl is a Keeper!

7. Never impregnate a woman with a BABY until you have first impregnated her with a VISION.

8. Find you a Woman who can trigger your IQ- Intelligence Quotient, not just trigger your Hormones.

9. Perfect Women don’t exist , Good Women are everywhere.

10. A Woman can cheat on you but God will never cheat on you. So before getting a Woman, get God first!
In the end, as a Man always always make money and never stop making it. It is Creflo Dollar who first said, ” I’ll never let my daughter marry a Man who doesn’t have a job.”