By Najibu Mulema

It all started as a normal day in Tororo town, in eastern Uganda.

Residents were busy doing their normal routines as a terrible incident happened at a certain restaurant in the same township.

While happily in a restaurant enjoying their meal, customers started complaining of stomachache which forced the owner of the restaurant, a one Moiza Suzan, taste the food to find out what really was bothering her clients.

In a blink of an eye Susan started feeling unwell too which forced Good Samaritans to immediately rush them to the nearest health centers in Tororo town.

Patients were hospitalized only to find out they had eaten poisoned food.

Ten people fell victim, unfortunately only seven of them survived, the remaining three died while in hospital.

The deceased included Bwire Fred 30, John Guma 32, and Okongo Bernard 20.

The police spokesperson in Bukedi region, Kamulya Sowali urged people to be more careful because nowadays people are brutal, ruthless and can do anything to please themselves.

“So far five people have been arrested to help the police to carry out investigations,” Kamulya said.