By Watchdog reporter
There are still many unanswered questions about NGO worker Kenneth Akena who died in cold blood after a shooting at Lugogo mall parking.

Police is holding a Kampala businessman Matthew Kanyamunyu as a prime suspect. Mathew apparently says he and his girlfriend Cynthia were good Samaritans, who took Akena to hospital to save his life. But also, Matthew says he saw an assassin who wanted to kill his girlfriend but the bullet caught Akena!

Here are ten questions police and Kanyamunyu have to answer with regard to the tragic weekend events.

1. If Matthew Kanyamunyu was a good Samaritan like he says, why would he keep a badly shot man by “assassins” for over five hours without calling the police or ambulance?

2. Is Kanyamunyu licensed to carry a gun? Who else in his family or circle of friends, has access to guns?

3. Has the police retrieved the shooting gun or cartilage or was the scene found clean?

4. If the crime scene was found clean, who cleaned the scene of any evidence? Does it have to do with the hours Kanyamunyu kept injured Akena hostage as he drove him around hospitals without calling the police?

5. Why would Akena make a dying declaration implicating Kanyamunyu, a man who helped him to hospital?

6. If Akena made a dying declaration, which is prima facie, why isn’t the police taking Kanyamunyu to court to be charged as a dying declaration is admissible in court?

7. If the dying man made a dying declaration, why would the police still insist on looking into the assassination narrative by Kanyamunyu and his family, despite the fact there’s no evidence of an assassin?

8. Why are there no photographs of the car Kanyamunyu was driving on the fateful day and what state is it in?

9. Why does Kanyamunyu sell the assassin story? How did he know they were assassins? How did he know they wanted to kill his girlfriend and not him or anyone else. And why did the assassin shoot only in Akena’s direction?

10. Who took Akena’s vehicle from Lugogo mall parking to Kyadondo road? Why? What was tampered with? Who did Kanyamunyu talk to or telephone while in Lugogo and while moving around with Akena in his car?