In Africa if they ask you for any person who is known for cracking funny quotes,you probably can’t leave Robert Mugabe off the scene.
The president of the Republic of Zimbabwe is one of the presidents who keeps a smile on  peoples faces.
Watchdog Uganda brings you some of the famous quotes made by Mugabe on different occassions which will leave you wondering;
There are many things we can learn from dogs like being loyal, protective, caring and loving unconditionally but we choose to learn one thing …. DOG STYLE.

When you try to remove her panty and she pretends to be asleep, then she slowly lifts her waist to help you remove them.That’s when you know you made it in life

If you are ugly, ensure that your account is always handsome. Many ladies will look at a man’s ability to unleash cash before they take a look at his face.

Ugly Guys are the best Boyfriends.They wouldn’t cheat on you because they know the struggle of getting another Girlfriend.

Never go to bed angry…stay awake and plot revenge

When you build a house let your wife decorate the ceiling, she has seen more ceiling designs than you.

Being ugly is so unfair. A good looking person farts and you become the prime suspect.

So you whisper God’s name during Prayer and SCREAM HIS NAME so loud during  SEX?My sister what do you want to be blessed with, Orgasms??

lf Adam & Eve were Chinese we would have been in paradise because they would have ignored the apple & eaten thè snake.

In Africa u need connection to have almost everything. Connection to get into school, to get a job & also to get rice & drinks at ceremonies.