By Watchdog reporter

In the past Speke Road in the city centre has been the traditional home for our “devious” sisters that a married couple or a family can hardly attempt to pass via the street past midnight without facing some kind of embarrassment.

The prostitution business is booming in Kampala than never before and it is being fueled by bar owners and some city tycoons who have went on to even export girls from Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi so as to attract more clientele.

Today we lift a veil on spots you should visit or avoid depending on the state of your mind.

 1. Auto Spa Munyonyo

Just off Ggaba Road, take a route to Commonwealth Resort Beach Munyonyo. Kampala’s celebrities and Sangomas flock this night crib not only for muchomo and comedy but also to wiggle with the bootilicious ladies who parade their legs at a fee.

It is understood that this is a place for corporate “sexing” where even married women pack fancy cars only to rub thighs.

2. Deuces Kansanga

It is an equivalent of present day “Sodom and Gomorrah”. The bar is a favouirite for boda boda cyclists and youths and it is always filled with Congolese and Rwandese babes who work 24 hours a day.

The bar operates like a hospital, it doesn’t close that even during day revelers rock to re-fuel.

3. Makindye (Mubarak Zone)

Here you find a witch-haunted like building owned by an NRM die Kiwanuka alias (KIIWA) where women sale their bodies for just a plate of chips.

Shockingly, the building is branded with labels (Ladies and Rooms available). One can’t just imagine this brothel is just adjacent to UPDF military barracks.

4. De Comrades (Kansanga Soya)

This one is new but steadly developing spot. It is understood that it is yet another city brothel that revelers throng to enjoy women of the night and beer as well.

5. Speak Road Kampala

Before we put emphasis on silly bills in parliament I suggest that my other silly bill be put on table and it states that Speak road should be the official home for gays, pimps and prostitutes!!! Are you listening dear MPS

Honorary Mentions:

– Sax

 -Capital Pub (Kabalagala)

 -Katanga (Makerere)

-Cheers (Ggaba)