By Watchdog reporter

Andrew Felix Kaweesi could have been a face of police’s high handedness in life, but his death has brought out a great man who has done lots of good.

1. Politicians
Politicians have said great things about this 43 year old officer, especially opposition politicians. From Kizza Besigye, Erias Lukwago, Betty Nambooze, Ken Lukyamuzi etc, all agree that Kaweesi was always willing to listening and engage people.

2. Journalists
Journalists worked with Kaweesi in a number of capacities, right from his time as head of Kabalye training school to when he was ushered into public limelight as Kampala metropolitan commander, operations and later as spokesman. Journalists found this man approached and ensured they are helped to do their work. He would never hesitate to dialogue when it was necessary. He was willing to give interviews and attend talkshows.

3. Kaweesi the Catholic
It’s well understood that Kaweesi took spiritual matters seriously. When he went to church, this officer didn’t mind he was wearing the uniform that he needed to keep neat. He took his God seriously.

5. Meticulous Kaweesi
Kaweesi won favour from his bosses because of his execution of assignments. Kaweesi always exceeded expectations and without causing unnecessary hullabaloo. Kaweesi has been one of the officers entrusted with securing high profile events such as the pope’s visit.

6. Humble Kaweesi
Kaweesi ensured he doesn’t throw the “do you know who I am”. He was a humble man. Talking to little and great people like any humble person can ever do. Yet, he remained dignified. In his village, Kulambiro where he met his death, residents talk of a humble man, who didn’t throw his weight around.

7. Kaweesi the family man
The worst thing that happens to busy people like Kaweesi is the tragedy of neglecting needs of the family. Kaweesi was a family mna, and he loved his children. We are told he attended visitation days for his children and attended to their homework.

8. The solution provider
Kaweesi always believed there was a solution to every problem and he was right. He always believed that when people put their heads together, no problem is insurmountable. Kaweesi had a big network that he exploited to his advantage.

9. Ambitious Kaweesi
There was no limit to Kaweesi’s career in the police force. It was very clear. He didn’t fall short. One of his last assignments was the killings in Kasese and the assassination of Major Kiggundu. His boss wasn’t around but Kaweesi stepped in to reassure the public, ensuring there wasn’t a gap in communication. We are also told that Kaweesi wanted to join his colleagues Simeo Nsubuga and Judith Nabakooba in parliament. He was their senior in the force, but possibly, he had set his sights higher.

10. Kaweesi the academic
A leader who doesn’t read, cannot lead. By the time of his death we are told, Kaweesi was on a PhD program. A young and busy officer never settled for small successes but aspired to chief more.

Farewell Afande Kaweesi.

Feel free to contribution to celebrating the life of this son of Uganda.