By Watchdog reporter

Police investigations in the gruesome murder of the late police spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi leads them to Australia based cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi.

Kiyingi’s name was dropped by a well placed police source on Friday after a series of analysis was done on the investigations so far.

Kiyingi has been connected to Muslim clerics murders before, a charge that led to his being blocked from participating in the 2016 presidential elections where he aspired to be a candidate.

Although police authorities don’t want to pronounce themselves so far on the matter as investigations are still incomplete, but Kiyingi’s name has strongly come out as the financier of the murder of Assistant Inspector General of Police Kaweesi, his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver Geoffrey Wambewa.
Police Spokesperson Asan Kasingye refused on Friday to confirm or deny this information but he stated that investigations had so far revealed who the planners and financiers of the plot were.
However our sources say police arrested several people and discovered a well-orchestrated plan involving the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorist group as the executioners and Kaweesi as the financier.The source says ADF through its active cells within the country carried out the plan.

Some of the suspects had been arrested before in connection with the murders of muslim clerics.

The source explained that the conclusion was arrived at after tracking calls made by some of the suspects before and after the murder of Kaweesi.

AIGP Kaweesi was gunned down near his home in Kulambiro, in Kampala’s Nakawa division on March 17.
After his death, a joint security force comprising police, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, Internal Security Organization and other security agencies have been conducting investigations and arrests. Over 40 people have been locked up so far and interrogated.

Sources say they include civilians, police and UPDF officers.