By Faridah Nakazibwe

Many men do not want to marry a club girl,oh yes but they are always in the club.If you ask a lady the kind of man she is praying for,the first thing she will say is A GOD FEARING MAN but the question is how well do you fear God??

You want a faithful husband/wife but right now,you can not even tell common truth in your relationship with ordinary friends, you can not be trusted with anything,you cheat people when you do business with them and a lot more.what about you that want to be the head and neck in your marriage?

But you can’t even handle a common issue in your relationship. WHO ARE YOU ? WHAT KIND OF MAN OR WOMAN ARE YOU? Can you marry your self if that becomes the case?why not try to be who you want to marry?…

Don’t just wait for the right person but also be the right person so that the right person won’t find it difficult to locate you.