By Waswa Tenywa

His eminence the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje has argued the Muslim youths to respect the Muslim elders whom he says fought and worked harder for the Muslim community in the past when technology was not developed especially in Africa.

Addressing the converges who turned up for the late Abas Kayondo’s dua at movement – Bituntu village ,mateete sub county Sembabule district , mufti said present Muslims cannot be more significant than past Muslims who moved Islam even without the technology which is now available.

He says now days some Muslims have made it difficult for him to advocate for the well-being of the religion because of their traits which they some times come with from foreign countries where many study from hence appealing to them to reflect Islamic teaching of peace and unity.

Mufti vowed not to abort from the issue of fighting for Muslim property across the country like William Street where he says some egocentric Muslims have for all the time collected money amounting to over shs7 billion from the said property but they have now failed to account for the money.

Abdallah Semakula Musa the District Kadhi of Sembabule argued Muslims of Sembabule to comeback to the unifying body of Ugandan Muslims which he says has many programs intending to help Ugandan Muslims like in the education sector.

Meanwhile Sheikh Umar Bakar the imam of the area expressed concern over the Muslim youths who have portrayed poor habits including beating up older sheikhs and giving fatuwas for which they punish every body who fails to follow their decisions saying they have deterred Islam and many are now moving with guns because of their fellow Muslims.

Sheikh Bakar also argued the Muslim parents to revise the names they give their children as many have given names to their children which are so abusive bad.

Henry Baguma the Sembabule Residential District Commissioner appealed to the residents to be more vigilant against the threats reflected in the recent Bukomansimbi attacks and this will help them for their safety.