By Mwangi Mbugua

As New Year resolutions go, I have read about many youths, especially girls barely in their 20s vowing to get married this year. I tell you this for free: Getting married is not an achievement, it’s a rite of passage, like birth and circumcision — death too. Get an education first, go to college, find a career and make a life for yourself.

One of the reasons many people fail in life is marrying to early, which means you most likely end up with Mr or Mrs Wrong — whom you can’t live with. For women, misery begins when you get married with the hope that your husband will provide for your needs (as they promise). Most men don’t. So, if you are young and single, think about personal development before committing to another.

Ladies, never drop out of college or choose marriage before you can stand on your own feet, especially financially and emotionally. Majority of the men who promise to cross the Ocean for you can’t withstand water in a swimming pool. Hear me, you will be glad you did.