By our reporter

It seems some of the MPs who voted yes for the Limit bill to be passed took their decision before thinking.

One of the legislators who fall in that bracket is Samuel Okwir Odwe who represents Moroto County.

The independent NRM leaning MP on Thursday regretted why he misrepresented the views of the people from his constituency when he voted for the removal of age limit law from the constitution.

According to an online news portal The Northern Trumpet, Okwir revealed that if needed, he will go down to his voters and apologise for misrepresenting them. Using a biblical analogy, Okwir said his voters should be remorseful and forgive him if he hurt them last year (2017).

It should be remembered that during the bill consultation meetings, Moroto County constituents told Okwir not to bother tampering with the constitution but he went ahead to do the opposite.

Apparently, the contentious age limit bill is already an Act of parliament after President Yoweri Museveni signing on it early this week.