Our reporter

When Remmy Ntambi organized one of the craziest wedding parties last year with monster cars making a parade in the city for the newlyweds, we did not know he was rehearsing for something bigger.

Now, latest information reaching our desk indicates there is a sexy white girl in the country who flew in all the way from US to check on him.

Our snoops say Ntambi has vanished from the social scene, including from Sheraton Hotel where he goes for gym and evening socialization, since the white lady jetted in the country.

The two have been spotted in the cover of the night walking with caps and gears. We are yet to know the identity of the white girl but sources close to the couple have intimated that she is a model. And we cannot deny given the stunning flawless beauty about her.

However, from what we saw, we can reliably say the model babe is madly in love with our Ugandan boy.

“We had not seen how celebrities behave and we have learnt a lot seeing this couple,” says a source who is close to the couple.

Our paparazzi are working around the clock to capture the couple on camera, but they spend most times indoors for reasons best known to them.

The couple has been spending their money at upmarket places such as Kampala Serena hotel.

One of Remmy’s friends planning to stand for MP seat come 2021 or 2023 whatever will be the case, has told us that he has heard that the white model was planning to set up several projects in Uganda, and he has been trying to talk to Remmy about pulling a few projects to his areas. He however complains Remmy is not picking his calls as he used to, possibly, it could be the girl is taking his time or she took over his phone all together.