By Faridah Nakazibwe

Its a great time to think about your life and where you are. You could still be Jobless, bitter, broke and broken about your past,you could be waiting for that connection to set you up, you could also be mad at everyone for not helping you out.

Well life is about taking ownership. Stop depending on people like they owe you a life. Start working on yourself. Start positioning and packaging yourself well. You are the connection the world is waiting for. Work on yourself and stop depending on people.

There is no one that will give you the life that you want. Its something you work on. Its something you do yourself. You have tried prophets, you have tried shouting the loudest “Amen or I receive” the whole year and nothing has changed. Your prophet told you 2017 is your year and you believed till today.

Guys – Laziness is a disease whose cure you have. Get up to work !!! Stop praying for what you refuse to show faith for by going for it. Refuse to be left behind again. Dont wait for a blessing in your bed. Get up to work and change your life . Pray hard and work harder