By our reporter

His eminence the mufti of Uganda sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje has vowed not to tolerate the people depending on Google to issue fatwas (Islamic laws and rulings) which he says have mislead many believers on the Islamic religion perspectives as many answer Islamic questions wrongly because they depend on the false google assertions.

Speaking during the 4th graduation ceremony of Ubayyi bun kaab Islamic schools at Nyimbwa Bombo road in wakiso district, mufti said some of the sheikhs use google to issue bold fatwas which has poisoned many muslims in Uganda and the world at-large.

He argued the muslims to avoid leaning on the internet to interpret Islamic questions and to accept their ignorance if they don’t know.

He argued muslims who have studied the Quran to keep their memoralization at heart and avoid mixing it with facebook and whatsup assertions.

“Don’t mix your Quran with social media platforms like facebook and google because many sheikhs have poisoned muslims with google ,facebook fatwas and we shall crush those sheikhs”

Mufti also appreciated President Yoweri Museveni for allowing Ugandans to worship freely and allowing the construction of mosques and Islamic schools.

Meanwhile the director of Ubayyi Islamic schools hafithu Muhammad Haruna Bukenya has appealed to muslim parents to en devour teaching their children Quran in order to be fulfilled muslims.

“some imams who preach Islam don’t know the Quran and in this they give people false information so go out and save the people who have been misled”

More than 50 students were crowned after completing their studies at thanawi level.