By our reporter

State Minister for Tourism also Mityana North MP Godfrey Suubi Kiwanda has told off his critics that the main reason he never consulted his constituents about the controversial age limit bill is because he serves NRM but not his voters.

While appearing on NBS’s Topical discussion about “presidential Age Limit Bill Debate” on Thursday morning, Kiwanda said he never consulted voters in his constituency since they gave him the mandate to represent them because of NRM.

“You can call it whatever. It depends on how I presented it to the people. Nobody should deceive you that they went to consult in their constituencies. I never consulted the people in my constituency. People gave me the mandate because of NRM,” he noted.

The legislator further revealed that he is now a property of the ruling party so he has to follow the decisions taken by the party, on national issues, not the views of the voters.

“I’m now a property of NRM that’s why I competed from primaries until I got the NRM ticket. So now I have to follow the decisions taken by the party , on national issues, not the views of my voters,” said Kiwanda.

“Why should I challenge the bill, I’m not ready to stand for presidency now and President Museveni , my party chairman is still interested to stand so I’m still his property and I will continue supporting him like a tourist attraction,” he added.