—-Release an update of yourself and become new, not old—–
When you want to become successful in your life, build your life holistically. Avoid living today but rather develop a habit of placing you in your whole life. Let everyday of your life reflect what you want to be in your last hours.

In my last post I told you that you need to know when you want to die. This is very important in planning your life. It is what will determine how you think, how you behave and the type of people you socialize with. If you don’t do this then you risk asking a politician to teach you how to become an investor. I mean, we tend to live with the wrong people and these have great influence on our future. My friend and mentor, Mr. Fagil Mandy usually says that when you live with 4 fools then know that you are 5 fools. In fact when police find you with 4 thieves then it is sure deal that they will arrest 5 thieves!
The problem is that when some people are planning their future, they think only about material things. They forget that life is lived holistically. They forget that much as they have to develop financially, they must also develop their mental, physical and spiritual beings. The irony is that these four are interconnected. There is no way you can develop fully when any of these is not.

Think about emotional intelligence for instance. Without developing ourselves emotionally, we risk loosing even the little we have been working for. Have you ever wondered why a number of people have ended in a very desperate life when they grow old. Look at those aged people. Most of them were at one time rich and even happier than you. They drove those sports car that you may never even drive. But now they are poor. Their emotions are now killing them. The lack of emotional intelligence will come with stress. If you lack emotional intelligence, the older you grow the more stressed you will become.

Since 2013 I have been writing and reporting my vision board. Today I see it automatically happen in my life. Am now seeing a causative sequence of events unfolding in my life without much efforts. In these last two years I receive what I want to receive in the next year before I even write it down. Why? Because mother earth has already placed me in the right context. The universe now knows what I want depending my life objective. It becomes even more automatic when I write it down! I have this feeling that am a magnet!
Every year I write down 5 objectives in a book which I call “the vision board.” I also report performances for the year ending. On the last night of the year, I invite my family and pray together. We pray at home because we want to keep our life personal. This is how we have been inviting our God to meet us secretly and whisper to us what we need to do and how we need to do it

That night when you are shouting to your God or when you are kissing you girl/ boyfriend, or opening a new bottle of wine, for us we are discussing our proposals with God. This is also the time when we remind death that we still remember the appointment we gave him and we will welcome him when his time comes. Yes, he also needs to be sure that we still remember him such that he does not keep disturbing!

So this year I have concentrated on making radio shows that can benefit you. Programs that can not waste your time. Achieving this goes beyond what you hear me say on air. It include sourcing for the best resources. Ask any of my listeners and you will surely realize that they are benefitting. My program is weekly but it is changing lives. And when I get such feedbacks, I feel proud because it is what I planned to do. I planned to help my listeners upgrade their lives. I feel successful when I see them changing their mindsets.

Writing a vision does not mean that you will not have problems. You may face even bigger challenges than you expect. The beauty is that you will keep focused. The vision will act as a shock-absorber to these problems. Sometimes I realize that I had a problem when is almost over. My mind is kept busy and I don’t concentrate much on these challenges.

That moment when you are having your supper and then realize that you did not have lunch. It is funny, not so? You will realize that you were separated with your wife when she is already back. A vision board will reduces these daily stresses!

Merry Christmas and a new year of success! I want to see the new version of you in 2018. Don’t grow old, just become new by releasing a new update of yourself.
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The cow in the image is my gift to you this festive season. if you can’t buy the whole of it, at least buy a kilo!